Wagoners Painting is your professional resource for Epoxy Floor Systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our number one complaint from people who did it themselves is “I followed the instructions exactly and it still peeled up”. In most cases they expected a floor to last 50 years and they got about one. Sadly they end up doing it once themselves and then hiring a pro to take up the old and then apply it the right way. Don’t waste your money with so-called do it your self kits, hire a pro.

Epoxy needs a clean and porous surface in order to achieve a mechanical bond to the concrete floor.  If you don’t have that, it’s almost guaranteed that your coating is going to fail at some point and more often then not it’s within the first year.

Wagoners Painting has the experience and the right tools and machines to get the job done right. Call us and get a free quote at (260) 750-4079 and also check out out Gallery for pictures of just some of our previous jobs.

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