Protect your floor this winter

Winter in the Midwest guarantees two things. Salt and Grime that eat at your concrete floor and nothing protects your concrete flooring better than an Epoxy Floor System from Wagoners Painting. Weather a residential home owner or a large commercial business Wagoners Painting has you covered. Protect your investment now and make it last for years and years to come before the salt and grime start chipping it away. Check it some of our latest work here then call today and get a free quote at (260)750-4079.

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Our Latest Epoxy Floor Work

Protect your investment with beautiful Epoxy Flooring systems from Wagoners Painting. Check out some of the latest Epoxy Floor work here. We do both commercial and residential epoxy flooring. For a free estimate call today at (260) 750-4079.

With winter fast approaching, protect your concrete.

Maybe the very best way for anyone who wants to protect their concrete floor is simple. Epoxy Floors. Epoxy flooring is durable, looks great, and protects your floor and when you call a professional with the right tools and a great track record of success its money well spent. The only question left is how much. The way to find out is just as easy, call Wagoners Painting and get a free quote. We do both commercial and residential epoxy floor systems. Call today at (260) 750-4079.

Concrete Floor Polishing Fort Wayne


Having the tools and knowledge is key

At Wagoners Painting we have the right tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to make your next project a success done right by professionals. The name Wagoners Painting also means more then just painting we also do Epoxy floors as well for both residential and commercial needs. We have a great track record of success and many testimonials and references to show our work including our own galleries that show our work throughout this site. If you are interested in any of our painting or epoxy floor services just give us a call to get a free quote at (260) 750-4079.

Epoxy Floor

Why Epoxy Floors are good for you.

It’s easy. Epoxy floors make your cement floors tough, durable, long lasting beautiful and therefore more valuable. Business owners and homeowners today want there investment not only to last but to hold it’s value and there is no better way to protect your cement floors then with Epoxy Floor Systems and Wagoners Painting is who you should call to get the job done right. Wagoners Painting has the experience and tools to have your business or home cement floors protected professionally. Call today and get a free quote at (260) 750-4079 and let Wagoners Painting get your Epoxy Flooring installed professionally.


Now is the right time to protect your concrete floors

There may in fact never be a bad time to protect your concrete floors but with summer here and the weather just right there my not be a better time to protect your concrete floor with an Epoxy Floor System from Wagoners Painting. The best way to find out how and when we can help is to give us a call and ask for a free quote at (260) 750-4079.

Commercial Epoxy Floors? Yes!

Epoxy Flooring is perfect for many commercial and industrial applications. Protect more than just your home protect your business as well and vice versa. Epoxy flooring, when applied correctly, not only looks great it protects your floor and lasts for a long time. The easiest way to find out how you can protect your floor and how much it will cost is to call wagoners Painting today and get a free quote. Call us today at (260) 750-4079.


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Don’t like floor maintenance? Epoxy is for you!

Epoxy floors are durable. Epoxy floors offer great warranties. Epoxy floors can be installed timely. Epoxy floors last a long time. Epoxy floors have many colors to choose from. Epoxy floors protect your investment. Call for a free quote at (260) 750-4079.

Epoxy Floors Are For More Then Just The Garage

Epoxy Floors look great but most of all they protect. And yes, They protect more then just the garage. Protecting your basement floor is very impotent too and can be a much wiser investment than carpet. Carpet wares out and can be damaged easily by the use that basements typically receive.  Before you sink it all in carpet for your concrete basement floor call Wagoners Painting and let us give you a free quote. Call us today at (260) 750-4079. We do commercial too!

Why Epoxy Flooring

¬†First off it’s one of the toughest most durable finishes that you can apply to cement floors today. It not only protects your cement floor but it can instantly transform your boring cement into a professional looking floor of function since areas like the garage are fast becoming more than just a place where you park the car. The benefits of cement floor epoxy have quickly made it one of the top choices for cement flooring today. All that being said it also protects your investment. Not just the cement floor but is also considered a nice upgrade if you ever sell and move (residential). Overall it makes the floor look great,helps the cement last longer, helps keep dust down, makes it much easier to clean and prevents staining and helps keep the value of your house or business at top value. Call Wagoners Painting today for a free quote at (260) 750-4079.

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