Before and After Epoxy Floor System

Before and after metallic floor: my crew and I removed 3000 square-foot VCT. Applied hundred percent solid base coat of epoxy, applied gloss metallic finish two colors. Check out the pictures below. Get a free quote today by calling (260) 750-4079 #Metallic#Epoxy#Concrete#Grind

Recent before and after Epoxy System application

Before and after: My crew and I removed an existing coating and applied one coat of 3579 moisture tolerant primer, then we applied a 100% solid epoxy basecoat full flake and a aliphatic urethane as finish coat. Check out the results from before and after. Not only does it look great we just added years of life to a cement floor. If you would like to know if we can do this for you and how much it would cost call Wagoners Painting today for a free quote at (260) 750-4079


Before and after metallic floor

Wagoners Painting not only paints but we do Epoxy Floors as well. Check out this before and after of an Epoxy metallic floor system we installed recently. The transformation of an interior space is absolutely mind blowing. We do both interior and exterior for residential and commercial. For a free estimate call (260) 750-4079.

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So many styles to choose from with Epoxy Floors

The new Epoxy Floor systems have so many styles to choose from and at Wagoners Painting you have many choices and professional installation for both residential and commercial cement floors. Epoxy floors are durable, easy to clean and an overall great investment. See just a few of the choices below or visit our epoxy Floors page to see more of our work. When you are ready just call wagoners Painting today and get a free estimate on your new floor today by calling (260) 750-4079.

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Epoxy floors are changing flooring

Epoxy floor systems are changing flooring and its easy to see why. Epoxy floors are very durable, easy to clean, long lasting and can be made to look just about any way you can imagine for residential or commercial. Check out our portfolio to see what some of our customers have done as we add new samples and types faster then we can keep up on our website. If you want to know more about what we can do and get a free estimate give us a call at  (260) 750-4079. 

Epoxy Floors and more.

Protecting you home structure inside and out is a top priority for home owners. At wagoners Painting we not only do residential and commercial painting we have a huge selection of Epoxy Floors systems to choose from as well. We are experienced, have the right equipment and offer professional services at some of the most competitive prices. Get a free estimate by calling Wagoners Painting (260) 750-4079 and see our Epoxy Samples for yourself (by appointment) at our showroom .

Want to look like a pro?

There are two types of cement floors. Amateur and Pro. Epoxy floor systems are used for both residential and commercial applications and will give your shop or commercial floor that showroom shine that says “We are pros”. If your tired of the amateur bit give us a call and let the pros at Wagoners Painting turn your shop or commercial floor into something to be proud of. Get a free quote today by calling us at (260)750-4079.


Protect your floor this winter

Winter in the Midwest guarantees two things. Salt and Grime that eat at your concrete floor and nothing protects your concrete flooring better than an Epoxy Floor System from Wagoners Painting. Weather a residential home owner or a large commercial business Wagoners Painting has you covered. Protect your investment now and make it last for years and years to come before the salt and grime start chipping it away. Check it some of our latest work here then call today and get a free quote at (260)750-4079.

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Our Latest Epoxy Floor Work

Protect your investment with beautiful Epoxy Flooring systems from Wagoners Painting. Check out some of the latest Epoxy Floor work here. We do both commercial and residential epoxy flooring. For a free estimate call today at (260) 750-4079.

With winter fast approaching, protect your concrete.

Maybe the very best way for anyone who wants to protect their concrete floor is simple. Epoxy Floors. Epoxy flooring is durable, looks great, and protects your floor and when you call a professional with the right tools and a great track record of success its money well spent. The only question left is how much. The way to find out is just as easy, call Wagoners Painting and get a free quote. We do both commercial and residential epoxy floor systems. Call today at (260) 750-4079.

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